Ohlsson's breweriana

      Swedish Beer Coaster Collector

Ohlsson's Breweriana

Ohlsson's /SAB Vaal Marathon participation medal

Beer serving tray, metal


Bottle top,

porcelain stopper

Bottle top, crown

Matchstick cases/covers

Baseboll cap

Beer glass

Ohlsson's Beers

Vintage castiron opener

Ohlsson's vintage rare label,

ca. 1930s

2. Lion Lager Beer-Bier by Ohlsson's

3. Lion Lager  by O.C.B. Ltd. - Ohlsson's Cape Breweries

4. Cerveza / Beer Tucson Lager by Ohlsson's (export to Argentina)

6. Ohlsson's Lager (Swaziland)

7. Ohlsson's Lager (Botswana)

10. Ohlsson's Lager (Swaziland)

7. Ohlsson's Lager (South African Breweries)

9. Ohlsson's Lager (Botswana)

11. Ohlsson's Lager (South Africa)

12. Ohlsson's Lager - Two Oceans Marathon 1994 (South Africa)

13. Ohlsson's Lager (Botswana)

14. Ohlsson's Extra Smooth Lager (South Africa)

Various Ohlsson's beer bottles & labels/caps

LION Export Ale

by Ohlsson's  Cape Breweries Ltd.

neck label


crown cap of

LION Export Ale

Ohlsson's Festival Lager

Ohlsson's necktie


porcelain tankard

Ohlsson's necktie

Ohlsson's Lion Lager glass ashtray


porcelain tankard

Ohlsson's advertisement plaque, cardboard

front and back

Ohlsson's Lion Lager

vintage advertisement,

metal on cardboard

back bar display / wall mount plate

Ohlsson's Lion Lager

vintage advertisement,

newspaper clipping

Ohlsson's backbar

display mirror


Ohlsson's vintage glass bottles, relief on glass

LION Ohlsson's Beer bottle labels

Various Ohlsson's beer can designs

1. Lion Export Ale by Ohlsson's

5. Ohlsson's International Lager, 340 ml